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Who is Rev. Dr. Dhyanchand Carr?

Carr is an ordained pastor of the Church of South India. After serving as a pastor for five years, he undertook studies for an M.Th degree in the field of New Testament Studies and started his teaching career at the Tamilnadu Theological Seminary, Arasaradi, Madurai in India. This Seminary became famous in the ecumenical circles and was often known simply as TTS or Arasaradi. 

The reason for this popularity is that it attempted to make theology relevant to social issues under the conviction that God is committed to establish peace with justice on earth and bring about a total consummation of all things in Christ. Such a perspective opened up a lot of opportunities to be involved in the lives of oppressed sections of society. Such involvement also threw up a number of theological and biblical insights that made the bible relevant to life. With this experience Carr undertook Ph.D studies in London in the Faculty of New Testament of the University of London and was awarded the degree in 1981. Then again he was fully immersed in social action this time in a rural setting while continuing to teach the New Testament. After six years during his sabbatical he worked on his first ever book The Sword of the Spirit, sub titled An Activist's Reading of the Bible, which got published only in 1991 by the Risk series of the World Council of Churches. From 1993-98 Carr was working as the Secretary for Mission and Evangelism of the Christian conference of Asia, based in Hong Kong. During this period many workshops on Reading the bible with New Eyes was conducted in all the sixteen Asian countries of the CCA. Then he returned to TTS and became its Principal. In 2003 completing 65 he got retired and is presently involved in preparing the book Reading the Bible with New Eyes for publication. The following articles would eventually go to make up this book. The main emphasis is that in order to be able to read the bible with relevance we need a new Vision of God. Of God who is a self abdicating and self implicating God, Of God who is a fellow-sufferer and enabler and of God who through partnership with those who are oppressed and marginalized and with all those who are in solidarity with the victims of humanity will achieve the destined purpose of a New Creation housing a New humanity. Carr firmly believes that this was the revelation brought to us by Jesus Christ and wishes to commend the Gospel as it emerges out of such reading of the bible.

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