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 Why reread the Bible?

A lot of Christian preaching and literature today promote a version of the Gospel very far from what is taught in the Bible. Surprisingly, most Christians seem ready to uncritically accept such interpretations. Some of the prominent features of the doctrine commonly taught are that

         Christians have been specially chosen by God for special privileges and protection that those of other faiths will not qualify for.

         Prosperity and success come to true believers in the present and heavenly bliss in the hereafter. All for free.

         Several traditional and social forms of inequality and injustice exist because they are a part of God's grand plan. Like for instance the  oppression of women and the suffering of the poor

Only simple unquestioning faith is demanded of the believer. Maybe a little donation now and then to the preachers and writers of this faith for that extra guarantee of heavenly grace!

A close look at the Bible tells us that these teachings are in fact quite contrary to the teachings of Jesus. Why do most of us not question the enormous discrepancy between what Jesus taught and stood for, and this distorted vision of Christianity that is touted so loudly and successfully? In part, this is because biblical texts are commonly used improperly or out of context as the basis for these teachings. Quite often in fact, biblical texts are used to prop up the very same beliefs that Jesus stoutly opposed. There is little attempt to take biblical teachings in their entirety and understand the teachings as they were meant to be understood. Wrong and near-superstitious beliefs about the Bible have taken deep roots in the minds of many Christian believers.

This is why we must 'reread the Bible'. We must carefully study the Bible with a proper understanding of the context and times during which the books of the Bible were written. We must also examine ourselves and identify distortions in our vision of God. We must reject firmly all teaching contrary to the mind of Jesus Christ.  Only by rereading the Bible in this manner can we hope to understand the true meaning of the Gospel.

I invite you read and reflect on the material on this website. I hope this exercise of rereading the Bible with "new eyes" will be a rewarding experience that will add meaning and hope to your life.



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